Daydreaming: My Future Home

A means of escapism from a world pandemic

Here I am waiting for my 15 month old to fall asleep at the end of the day before I can unwind with a glass of wine and another episode of “the good fight” (my current binge obsession) .  It’s been about 4 weeks of being at home during the covid-19 crisis now and I find myself daydreaming. And what am i daydreaming about? My future home. 

Cambridge Dictionary defines Daydreaming as :

“the activity of thinking about pleasant things that you would like to do or have happen to you, instead of thinking about what is happening now.”

I am sure some of you are doing the same;  you are at home 24 hours a day with your entire family and the challenges and deficiencies of home are standing to stand out more and more everyday. I am re-organizing spaces, cleaning cabinet interiors, taking measurements of my basement bathroom for a quick remodel but it’s not enough to satisfy my daydream!  So here I am waiting quietly and patiently and i’ve decided it’s time to put pen to paper! I have a pinterest board and instagram collection of my future home inspiration. I have been collecting images for about 10years now! I have designed many spaces for people and have done minor updates to my own spaces. Now it’s my turn, at very least get the ideas out on paper and then perhaps my dream can become a reality. 

As a designer I get to interpret my clients personalities and extend that vision into their physical space. And to date, all of my clients have been uniquely different and I am so thankful for them  as I get to be apart of making so many houses, homes. And I want to share with them and all of you my own personal journey. I may be a designer but I am also a wife, mother and daughter. And life can be so busy to stop think about what we want, whether that be finding ones purpose in life or deciding what do they want in their home to make the everyday a bit better and easier.  In these difficult times, I also find that the activity of daydreaming is my escape from the realities happening in the world around me. It lets me look forward to the future when we return to normalcy or a new version of it. And one day I will get my dream home, why not be ready for it!

So I will start with listing all the spaces and how I see certain spaces interacting with others, key features, and/or particular aesthetics.

Bedrooms = 5
1Master – balcony overlooking back yard, coffee station, tv, wic
4Dad (main- must be large enough to have small living soace and tv)
5Spare bedroom in basement
Bathrooms = 4.5
1Master ensuite- spa like
2Shared for boys -jack and jill? – separate toilet and shower
3Dads master
4Basement full adjacent to spare bedroom
1Living room
2Family room
3Rec room (future future) (basement)
4Dining seats 20 for sit down 8 on everyday basis want table by izm! In an atrium space
5My kitchen
[ ] Pantry wall
[ ] Appliance garage full accessible to main kitchen
[ ] Small appliance drawer- immersion blender, mini processor
[ ] Butlers pantry adjoing dining if kitchen does not have sightline to dining
[ ] Island massive with storage and seating for 6
[ ] Sink on island but on prep side
[ ] Wine fridge vertical unit 18″wide by 6 or 7ft
[ ] Combination of either rift cut white oak/ walnut with white and taupe slab doors
[ ] Stand up fridge and freezer
[ ] Cookbook display and concealed, should be near appliance garage
6Mudroom off garage but must have beautiful sightline perhaps to backyard
7Laundry (must be separate from mudroom)- washer and dryer, sink wide single basin industeial faucet, hanging space and folding space. Multuple hamper types
8Office for both me and rasa
[ ] Ideally my office has separate entry off side yard and access / proximity to powder and kitchen
9Garage- triple with work bench
10My back yard needs to be an oassis! Want:
[ ] pool
[ ] outdoor kitchen
[ ] Fire pit
[ ] Sectional and dining space- access off kitchen
[ ] Green space
[ ] Shed
[ ] Access to garage
11Front yard- nice modern appeal

Preliminary Bubble Diagram- showcasing major adjacency’s.

Overall Style- modern mediterranean with a hint of eclecticism

2 story (2800 to 3000 sqft over the two floors) some main floor space should have double volume and the basement must have double volume .

Another aspect I will share with you all, is that we are a multi-generational household meaning we have 3 generations in one house.  I am on the brink of my 40’s and my husband is in his early 40’s, my father who is in his early 70’s and my children who are 5 years old and 15 months.  So the house needs to work for us on many levels of function over the aesthetics. Or at least the functional requirements need to be examined and fine tuned and then aesthetics can be applied.  The house needs to grow with us. It needs to be adaptable to an ever changing circumstance due to generational needs and wants.

 I would say that my programming list is my ultimate want yet is still high level and is already proving to be very custom! I am more so an advocate for renovation than new construction. I am of the mind frame that there are great houses out there with great bones.  They just need a little love and a little flexibility on the wishlist; and, a renovated house can be just as custom fit as new construction.  

However the reality of this list,  is that it lends itself to new construction over renovation as is.  So I will approach this journey by taking you down both roads. Right now I have time to explore. I also realize that once I go down the renovation route I will need to make concessions to my wishlist. And I definitely don’t see that as a down side, I see it as creating priorities. But for now let’s jump down the rabbit hole and see where the design goes!!!

Here is my first pin and my last.

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Working from Home in the Age of a World Pandemic

We are in unprecedented times…”

How many times have you heard that in the last couple of weeks?  Twenty, thirty, or more like hundreds depending on what you watching on tv or scrolling through on social media or listening on the radio.  But the reality is, that is the truth. WE ARE IN UNPRECEDENTED TIMES. Our world has been shaken; for some including myself the implications of this virus feel like a nightmare.  It is a surreal feeling. We need to come together (via #socialdistancing) or virtual means to get through it. I started thinking about what day to day activities I am struggling with and who else is feeling the same.  I am an interior designer and part of my job is to meet clients, source products at showrooms, space plan from my computer and visit and collaborate with my trades on job sites. Many of these daily activities have been put on hold or I am finding alternative ways of doing the same task from home.  Work also keeps my mind off the pandemic and looking towards the end and a return of normal life. Those that can work from home should count ourselves lucky, but this also poses its own set of challenges. Not only has your physical work space changed but so has your routine. And those two things together can either set you up for success or failure in work life. I want to share my prior experience and current as it relates to the struggle of working from home. 

A few years back I had decided not to go back to “desk” interior design job and took a position with a small firm that’s business model was to work from home.  For me, the challenge was just coming off maternity leave and not feeling ready, not having child care, working in a new sector of design and working from home.  It was losing battle and I did fail. All of the circumstances plus not having a real place to work in my home were the reasons I was less productive, less focused and as a result, not a great employee. 

So how is my experience similar to what some of you are struggling with now with Coronavirus/ Covid-19:

  • Sudden change in circumstances
  • Quickly having to decide what will you need from your office space at home (files, supplies, tech)
  • No childcare/ start of homeschooling
  • Figuring out which tasks you did at your office job can be done at home
  • Change in Physical workspace- a dedicated space to none

The silver lining here, is that this isn’t permanent; it is a temporary situation.  We just need to figure out how you work so that you can be productive and effective in your temporary environment.

Let’s start with routine.  Below is a chart of my routine when I had my desk job compared to the initial “routine” from home.

My Routine – Compared

While at officeWhile at home
6:00-6:15Wake up ShowerWake up
6:15-7:00Get Ready – do my hair (not a make up at work gal)Kids at my ankles
7:00-7:45Have Breakfast and CoffeeCoffee and toast

Make lunchKids at my ankles

Get my Coffee to- go mug readyKids at my ankles
8:00- 8:30Drive to workKids at my ankles
8:30-9:00Settle in at work by checking emailsStart working – emails
9:00- 9:15Check in with coworkers- what did you do last night?Kids at my ankles
9:15- 10:00Get to workContinue to try to work
10:00-10:30Meet with Boss to understand daily/ weekly goalsKids at my ankles
10:30-10:45Coffee BreakKids at my ankles
10:45- 11:45WorkKids at my ankles
11:45- 12:45LunchContinue to try to work
12:45-2:30WorkContinue to try to work
2:30- 2:45Coffee BreakLunch with kids
2:45- 3:45MeetingKids at my ankles
3:45-5:30WorkContinue to try to work
5:30- 6:00Go HomeContinue to try to work

Productive Work hours: 8.25 hoursProductive Work hours: on a lucky day 3hours

This change in routine left me feeling helpless, out of control and anxious. And obviously I  have had time to reflect and change processes to suit my new and current condition of working from home. But I am here to share my experiences and challenges and help you work through this time of uncertainty.

If we compare the above  list, the aspect that jumps out first is schedule, a lack of schedule creates chaos.  The next big factor is that my daily social interactions mattered to me and in the end aided in my daily productivity.  

We need social interaction, #socialdistancing and the #stayhome mandate impacts us and many of us are having difficulty coping with the change and staying effective in our job.  We may not have realized by how much the feel of community in an office means to us. So how do we remedy this? We have now been in this condition, including myself for two full weeks (or at least that is when we pulled my son Oliver out of kindergarten/daycare).  And I don’t think I have my work routine down yet either. I have a home office but two kids under 5 are throwing me for a loop too. So, the first thing I want you to do is identify your schedule and be honest about your interactions. Create a list like I did above of how your day would go if you were still going to the office.  BE HONEST. Do you take lunch or is that when you and a co worker go for a walk? Do you have watercooler talk? How many meetings are you in daily? Do you interact with people? Do you work in a cubicle? Do some of your tasks involve collaborating with co-workers? Make notes about the types of space you are in when doing those tasks. Also check in with your partner, what is their schedule, daily routines etc.  And then your kids routine, that’s the big X factor in this. I will do the same exercise and draft a new schedule for my current state meshed with the kid factor!  

 I think one of the saving graces for us in this pandemic is technology.  We can continue to #socialize while #socialdistancing with the aid of technology. But you need to know what your goals are to find the right tech/app to let you be productive.  Also take this discussion to your co-workers, find out their challenges; see what you can do for eachother. So if you are that person that needs the coffee break or the walk around your block with your coworker, get your headset on and talk to your coworker while walking!  Determine a time that both of you will take your coffee break together or take a walk in your neighbourhood and her in her neighbourhood and chat via one great app’s available. 

This post is about engagement.  I want your questions; let’s start a dialogue! I am posting on a Friday and will continue with the next topic specifically being setting up your home office over the weekend and hopefully that way some of you can feel more prepared for Monday! And then let’s continue to chat over the next weeks and help you through this difficult but temporary situation.



Soma Interiors 

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Soma Interiors is looking for engagement as on our blog posts.  And we are here to try to assist you in your specific needs. DM me on Instagram or leave a reply with you specific questions and we will provide suggestions in the form of #designertipoftheday or further blog posts.  If you want a more indepth consultation of your personal workspace we can set up a virtual consultation. #hireadesigner #virtualconsultation #supportlocal #smallbusinesswinnipeg #helpingeachotherintimesofneed